How do I build the Endy Solid Wood Bed?

Watch our video below to see how to assemble the Solid Wood Bed. You can also read more detailed instructions below:




  • A x 2 - (Left side rail, Right side rail)

  • B - (Headboard rail)

  • C - (Footboard rail)

  • D - (Centre rail)

  • E x 6 - (Support legs)

  • F x 2 - (Angled legs)

  • G x 2 - (Straight legs)

  • H - (Mattress support beam)

  • I - (Headboard back support)

Headboard Support

  • J x 2, (Angled beam)

  • K (Back beam)

Slatted Base

  • L - (Slats)

  • M - (Centre slat supports)

  • N - (End caps)


  • R - Dowels
  • P - Screws, Small washers and large washers, M8 Allen key

Before you begin

  • We recommend putting this bed frame together with two people.
  • Place a small washer followed by a large washer onto each screw before use.
  • When using the screws in assembly, it is usually easiest to start screwing them in by hand, then switching to the allen key once you can no longer use your fingers.
  • The allen key has both a short end and long end. Use the one that is easiest based on the room you have available for each screw.

1. Lay the two side rails (A), headboard rail (B) and footboard rail (C) on the floor in a rectangle, following the image below.

  • The sticker side should be facing up.
  • Ensure the curved corners of the side rails (A) are on the outside edge and the notches are on the end nearest to the headboard rail (B).

2. Connect each corner by adding two dowels (R) on each end of the headboard rail (B) and footboard rail (C). Insert the headboard rail and footboard rail into the corresponding holes on the side rails (A).

Once all four corners are pressed together, secure each corner with a screw, screwing through the holes in the indented part of the wood on the headboard rail and footboard rail.

3. Lay the centre rail (D) down in the middle of the bed, ensuring the sticker is facing up. The end with the largest notch should be nearest to the headboard rail (B).

Screw it in place on each end. Ensure each screw has both a small and large washer on it.


  • Once installed, the center rail should be flush against the footboard. On the headboard, there should be a gap.

4. Screw on six support legs (E) in the positions seen in the image below.

  • Fasten the support legs by hand until snug. Do not overtighten.

5. Insert one dowel into each of the two angled legs (F). Press each leg dowel into the corresponding hole on the side rails (A). Ensure the stickers are facing in.

Once pressed into place, use a screw to secure the legs. Screw into the pre-drilled hole on each side rail (A) through the circular space in the leg.

6. Carefully flip the bed frame over.

7. Place the mattress support beam (H) in front of the headboard rail (B) so it is laying over the centre rail (D). Each end of the support beam will fit into the space on the side rails (A). The sticker side should be facing up. Screw it in place on each end.

8. Insert three dowels into the bottom of the headboard back support (I) as seen in the image below. With the sticker facing in, place it on top of the mattress support beam (H) and press it into place. Secure it by screwing in two screws from the bottom on each end.
Step_8.jpg9. Secure the straight legs (G) near the headboard rail (B) by inserting two dowels into the inside of each leg. Press the leg onto the side rail (A) in the notched space, ensuring the stickers are facing in. Secure each leg by screwing them in place through the hole on the inside of the side rail (A).

10. Next, you will build the headboard support.

To start, insert two dowels into each end of the back beam (K) then press the two angled beams (J) into place on each side. The sticker sides of the angled beams need to be facing in, while the sticker side of the back beam (K) will be facing out.

11. Secure each angled beam with a screw, screwed in through the indented part of the wood in the back of the back beam (K) on each end.

12. Attach the headboard support to the frame. First, insert one dowel in the top of each straight leg (G) and each side rail (A) as seen in the image below.
Step_12.jpgPress the headboard support into the frame. Secure it in place by screwing through the back of each straight leg (G) and from the bottom of each side rail (A).

13. Next, you will build the slatted base inside the frame.

Install the centre slat supports (M) along the centre rail of the bed by lining up the pegs with the holes on the centre rail (D) and firmly pressing them in.

14. Hold slats (L) so they are convex— the outward curve of the slats should be facing you as you insert them into the frame.

Attach an end cap (N) to one end of each slat. Insert the other end of the slat into the centre slat support (M) along the centre rail (D). Push down on the end cap (N) so the pegs fit into the holes on the side rail (A).

15. Finally, install the headboard at the head of the bed. Secure it in place from the back through the back beam (K) with three screws and through the headboard back support (I) with two screws.

16. Have sweet dreams on your new Solid Wood Bed!

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