Can I wash my Endy Duvet?

Wash_-_Cold_or_Warm.png Tumble_Dry_-_Dryer_Balls.png Cannot_Iron.png Cannot_Bleach.png
Wash using cold water Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls Do not iron Do not use bleach

We recommend cleaning the Endy Duvet every 2-3 months alone (or with like colours) in a front-loading washing machine using cold water for optimal comfort and longevity. Please make sure the duvet is thoroughly dried before usage. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. 

We recommend washing the Endy Duvet in a full-size or commercial machine (27 inches). If you don’t have access to a commercial washer, check to make sure your duvet has room to move around the drum. We suggest folding your duvet in half and turning it into the machine. As the cycle runs, the weight of your duvet will be spread out to ensure an even wash. To avoid clumping, tumble dry the duvet with dryer balls on low heat.

We recommend washing it every 2-3 months for general upkeep. 

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