Is the mattress protector waterproof?

Thanks to a breathable TPU film barrier and TENCEL™ fibres, Endy Mattress Protector is both cooling and waterproof against spills and everyday moisture.

What does waterproof really mean?

Your waterproof Endy Mattress Protector is designed to resist leaks under standard sleeping conditions for at least two years, given proper care. You can sleep through the night and expect the Mattress Protector to keep liquid from spills or accidents away from your mattress. Normal wear and tear, as well as improper washing practices, may reduce that protection over time.

We've tested our Mattress Protector with third-party laboratories and found that it exceeds expectations for "hydrostatic head," which describes the pressure a material can withstand before liquid seeps through. Industry standards consider a hydrostatic head value of 5000mm waterproof, but tests conclude the Endy Mattress Protector scores over 8000mm. By this measure, our Mattress Protector is as waterproof as a standard camping tent.

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