What type of bed frame should I use with the Endy Mattress?

Box spring vs slatted foundation

You can use Endy mattresses with most bed frames, but we recommend using them on a traditional box spring or directly on a slatted base with your preferred frame.

Why? Because both a box spring and a slatted base provide you with adequate support while ensuring the mattress can breathe. This is important for distributing body heat away from you, and wicking moisture out of the mattress so you can remain cool and dry through the night.


Slatted Frame with gaps smaller than 3"

Endy Bed Frame Adjustable bed

Adjustable beds

Endy Mattresss are compatible with our Upholstered Adjustable Base, and any adjustable base designed for foam or hybrid mattresses. We designed our Upholstered Adjustable Bed to remove the guesswork and time spent researching dimensions and frame compatibility. The Adjustable Base is available separately and may be compatible with bed frames designed to accommodate an adjustable base. Learn more about compatibility here.


If you're looking for a firmer feel, a box spring provides support across the entire bottom surface of the mattress, making for a more supported sleep experience.

For a softer feel, a slatted foundation will support you while allowing for more give, creating a slightly plusher sleep experience. Please note that if you use a slatted foundation, the slats should be spaced no more than 3 inches apart.

What not to do with an Endy Mattress

Foams mattresses can be very sensitive to environmental conditions like moisture and dirt. For this reason, you should not place the Endy Mattress or Endy Hybrid Mattress directly on the floor for an extended period.

And while the Endy Mattress and Endy Hybrid Mattress are durable enough for coverage by a 15-year limited warranty, they can become damaged if they're not supported adequately, and should not be used with any base or foundation with gaps or spaces wider than 3 inches.

Slatted Frame
(with gaps larger than 3")
Solid Platform Bed
(no slats for breathability)
On the floor
(needs a raised frame)

Check out the Upholstered Bed, Solid Wood Bed, or Platform Bed Frame for the best sleep experience with the Endy Mattress. Head over to our Reviews page for more testimonials.



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