How do I assemble my Endy Adjustable Bed?

Watch the video below for a guided walkthrough of the Endy Adjustable Bed assembly. Scroll down to read the assembly instructions in full, or download the Owner's Manual as a PDF file here: Twin XL | Full | Queen / King | Cal King

Before you begin:

  • This bed frame is easier to assemble with another person.
  • Assemble the base and frame where you want your bed to be -- it'll be too heavy and difficult to move once put together.
  • This bed should take you about 30-45 minutes to assemble. You'll start with the Adjustable Base, then add the Upholstered Frame pieces and connect the cables.
  • Please read all the instructions before you begin.

Assembly steps:

1. Open the Adjustable Base box and remove all parts. Cut the orange zip ties and set the three bags of parts aside.

2. Lay out the head section (white sticker) and foot section (blue sticker) on the floor, with stickers facing up.

3. Open the two bags containing the 8 pre-threaded legs and install them on all four corners of the head and foot sections.

4. Flip both sections so they're standing on their legs. Stickers should be on the outside edge, and butterfly nuts facing inwards.

5. To connect the support bars to the head of the foot sections, remove the 8 pre-attached butterfly nuts and washers and position the holes on the support bars so that the green bushings are centred snuggly inside them. Then, screw the butterfly nuts and washers back on.

6. Remove the black twist ties on the head and foot sections. Set the mattress retainer bar aside. On the foot section, rotate the outer wheel pulleys so they are all the way flat and facing the foot.

7. Install all panels onto the metal frame except for panel 2 (with mounted control box), which you can set aside. Panel 1 goes at the head, and panel 4 goes at the foot, with the stickers facing down. Make sure the border is facing out on all 3 panels and that the holes line up with the threading underneath.

8. Using hand screws, connect the panels to the frame in the threaded holes. Press up on the metal frame from below to get a tight fit while tightening the screws from above.

9. Grab the footboard and 2 side rails from the upholstered frame. Stick felt pads on all the legs. Square legs should have circular pads.
*Note: Skip steps 9, 10, and 18 if you are assembling an Adjustable Base without the Upholstered Frame.

10. Use the brackets on the inside of each upholstered rail to attach the side rails to the footboard, sliding them all the way into place. The upholstered frame should fit snugly on the adjustable base.

11. Now have a friend rest panel 2 (with mounted control box) on top of the support bars. Plug the cords from the head and foot sections into the control box by matching the colour of the plug with the port.

12. Plug the white end of the power supply cord into the port labelled “Power” at the top of the control box. The other end can rest inside the metal frame for now. Use the clips around the control box to hold the cords.

13. Install panel 2 onto the metal frame with the sticker side facing down, lining up the holes with the threading underneath. Use hand screws to attach.

14. Install the mattress retainer bar by inserting the ends of the bar into the holes in panel 4 (at the foot of the base).

15. Reach under the base to grab the loose end of the power supply cord and connect it to the adapter.
*Note: The backup battery strap stays attached at this time.

16. Plug the wall power plug into the other end of the adapter and into your surge protector (not provided) before plugging it into the wall.

17. Test out that your base is working using the remote. Then, bring it back to flat before finishing up assembly.

18. Finally, install the headboard by sliding it down into the brackets on the side rails.

19. Add your Endy mattress, and you’re done!


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